Unfolding Love
Learn to love you and he’ll follow suit

I thought I loved you.
I thought you were my forever, but you turned out to be my never…
Never be mine.
You stole my heart, but I took it back.
Letting you go felt like the ending, but forgiving myself, and allowing myself to move on was just the beginning.
I see now.
I see that The Most High was trying to teach me that Love is reciprocated and appreciated. Blinded by your fairy tale stories of us, I was lost in captivation and perpetuation with your smile, that I didn’t care if you loved me back. That showed my lack of love for myself.  After you walked away, I vowed to love me and never be fooled again of what love is. I tried to convince myself that I have never been in Love, but that’s not true, at least not with you. I am in love with me and I’ll forever be.

-Camille Chappell


Talking to the clouds

Sometimes I want to cry, but the wale has run dry
Life gets tough, but I continue to fight anyway
I mean damn though, on occasion..maybe sometimes can I get a break.
I sometimes look up at the sky and gaze into the clouds hoping to get a message from The Most High.
But my mind is full of clouds, and it blocks every sound coming from anyone but me.
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
I keep telling myself to wake up.
My eyes are open, but I feel that I’m asleep. I’m still… like my feet are glued to the pavement and I’m forced to watch the world around me continue to move in full circle.
This cannot be it for me.
I have dreams, goals and aspirations.
Surely the Lord has more for me.
But… how can I move from this black hole that I created from standing so long?

– Camille Chappell


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